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is Japanese for 'improvement'.
When used in the business sense and applied to the workplace, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.

Our Process

Focus on the business need

Business value is an appreciation of the perspective, usefulness and desired outcomes of the project, set in the context of users and performance, market expectaions, innovations and competitors strenghts.

Deliver on time - Never compromise quality

Defining acceptance criteria for each requirement (user story) is essential to drive development of the solution towards the business need. Key to implementing this effectively, though, is minimising the overhead and bureaucracy.
All activities must contribute some benefit towards the end results.

Build incrementally from firm foundations

The core question that is unanswered is: Does the customer want a skate board, scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, and then a car for transportation?
Provide capabilities for the business to accomplish something - Capabilities Based Planning

A minimum viable product is 'that product which has JUST those features and no more that allows you to ship a product that early adopters see and, at least some of whom resonate with, pay you for money, and start to give you feedback on'

Communicate continuously and clearly

Good, open, honest communication can solve so many of a project’s problems.
email - communication by documentation .
ASANA & SLACK : cloud-based team collaboration tools, with the client as a team-member!!.



It is just as easy as sending us an email or phone us to arrange a meeting and evaluate the complexity of the problem.
Our rates are inversely proportional to the difficulty of the tasks entrusted

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